Why Do I Buy My Football Boots Online

I always buy my football boots from online. Why it´s better?

Every time I need a new pair of football boots I´m thinking which is better, to buy online or from the store. Most of the times I buy online, because there on several advantages. I bought my first boots from the store and after that only from online.

Below here I describe why.

1- Conveniencevali

The best part of it is that I can shop 24/7. No need to stay in traffic to get to the store. I don´t have to stay on the line and wait for my turn to pay. Even if I want to ask some further information about football boots, then no need to wait for the assistant to help me. I can find that same information from online quicker and read the reviews if I want.

I don´t really want to plan my daily activities after stores opening times. It gives me freedom to decide when and where to shop. It saves my time and I avoid crowds by that.

2 -Wider Selection

When I plan to buy new boots I Google them before. I visit several sites which offers and sells football boots and look for products. There are thousands of various models, colors and all known brands, that are all in front of me. No need to visit every store in the city to make a choice. So, I´m thinking, if I search them online anyway, why bother going to store to purchase them and spend my time. Usually I know what I´m looking for, because I´m into this subject. I know my foot size and which size fits me. If you are buying first time, then you should read my post about choosing football boots here and find your foot size here.

Online, I can see all the colors and models. In the store, there are usually 1 sample from every model. There is a big chance, that exactly which boots you wanted to try on, are out of stock. That happened to me many times before. If that situation happens online, I can find another online store quickly.

Online shopping gives me opportunity to shop from retailers over the world without being limited by geographic area. That is one more advantage that I get while shopping online.

3 – Better Prices and Saving Time

This is the main reason why I do that. I get cheap deals and better prices from online stores because products come to me directly from the manufacturer or seller without middlemen involved. For example, I have Sports Direct store in my home town. But when I visited their online store, I found that it´s even, in that case, cheaper to buy product from the web then store. I have tried it myself couple of times to make sure. It´s always the same.

Online stores are offering better deals and sales turning the year more often and better discounts then ordinary shops.

They offer sales turning the season, for example when one season is ending and I get my boots cheaper. Example: when in middle Europe football season is ending, then in my home country the season is about to begin. That´s a good point for me.

Also online stores give discounts turning Christmas, New Year´s, Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc. down to 70% or even 90%.

Traditional stores are not making discounts more then 20-40%.

4 – Reviews From Other Shoppers

If I want to collect more information about the precise football boots, I can read reviews, that other customers have written. By that, I get more direct feedback from people, who have used that product before. When I usually ask for an assistant in the store, they can say same pros and cons about the boots, but they never used these by themselves. So it´s better for me, to read reviews online and I get better result.


5- My Tips

  • If I have doubts about some boots, I usually try them on, in the store before. Usually, if I cannot find the exact product, then I´ll try the most similar one. For example, different color or just to make sure the size is right.
  • I Google products.
  • I read the reviews.

6- What do I need, to buy online?

  • credit card

7- Where do I buy from. My top 6 choices.


There are lots of pros, why I purchase my football boots online. It´s easy and gives me freedom to choose and I save a lot of time.


If you have ever bought online, you can give me a comment below to share your experience.




  1. Oh how customer purchasing habits have changed! I quite often see products in the stores and always do online research before making the investment. In turn this usually ends in me purchasing online once I see the price difference! I really have saved so much money – not only on great discounts, but avoiding “crappy” products once I read their associated reviews.

    • Hi Stacey,
      That´s the same way I usually do.
      I usually get what I need with 30-40% discount.

      Habits have changed. And soon they start deliver our purchased products with drones;)

  2. I agree that reviewing things online is the best option- you never know if a shop assistant is only selling you something that won’t last only because they want a commision. The only thing that I find challenging is the sizes of the shoes compared to how they actually fit. No brand is ever the same if you look at the way they fit the foot. So your other post about the sizes were very helpful even though I wouldn’t be buying football boots. I’ll keep this in mind for my nephews and refer them here.

    • Hi Nia,
      When it comes to football boots, then it´s quite a narrow niche. So if people who have played football a long time, already know the difference between manufacturers. Like I do. So it easier to purchase them.
      But if you are looking for your first pair of boots, then the size table should help you out. You can measure you foot and find the right football boots.
      It also helps to try on your own footwear, like trainers, from the same manufacturer. For example, if you are going to choose Adidas football boots, then check you other Adidas footwear size before to make sure.

      I hope it helped you a little bit.

  3. There’s a reason why Convenience is the no.1 factor in online purchases. With the evolution of internet nowadays, everything that you can do face-to-face , you can perform it online as well. Same goes for shopping, Many companies have recreated 3d visualisation of their store online for shoppers who are looking for a different experience.

    Not only can you get a wider selection of products online, you get to see them in ONE GLANCE. That is something you can do in physical stores. I must say that the downside for online purchases is that you cannot actually feel the product itself & what you expected might not be what you get in the end.

    Zhi Wei

    • Hi there Lee,
      You are right. Convenience is the main reason why people shop online. It´s never been easier.
      The biggest minus is, that you cannot touch the exact item before you buy it. But to avoid getting the wrong item, you should make some research. I recommend to read reviews, from other people, who have used that item and purchased it before. That gives you knowing, you on the right track.

      Best wishes,

  4. Good post about the advantages about buying online. Like a lot of people, me included, there has been a massive shift in people shopping online rather than going into the store. Most of the time it is cheaper to buy online. It is not only more convenient, you avoid the line ups and the weather won’t stop you from online shopping. Like you said, if you want to try it on to see how it looks, then you go in store. This only really applies to shoes and clothing because things like electronics do not usually require you to in store because you know exactly what you want. Football boots have definitely evolved over the years. Now there is a huge variety to choose from like colors, materials, stud grip and brands. So it is a huge time saver that you can do all your research online before committing to anything

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