Puma evoSPEED Fresh

Puma evoSPEED Fresh- why are they so innovative?

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Overall Ranking: 9/10
Price: €169.94
Website: Here


The new PUMA evoSPEED Fresh FG Football Boots feature an innovative mesh upper that’s designed to improve temperature regulation within the boots when playing in hot conditions.

Playing football in hot conditions leads to faster symptoms of fatigue. Designed to ensure your feet stay cool, the new PUMA evoSPEED Fresh features an innovative mesh upper material that includes a special coating, which is designed to allow heat to get out and stop any moisture getting in.


  • Atomic Blue / Safety Yellow / White



  • innovative mesh upper material
  • SPEEDTRACK spines
  • lightweight nylon soleplate
  • mixture of conical and bladed studs


  • Ideal for firm, dry, natural grass surfaces
  • Designed for acceleration, comfort and enhanced traction


Providing torsional stability to the foot, the outsole of the evoSPEED Fresh features raised SPEEDTRACK spines to help enhance your explosive power when sprinting off the mark.

Designed for use on firm ground surfaces only, the super lightweight nylon soleplate features a mixture of conical and bladed studs, while its integrated minimalistic heel counter provides added lock down to eliminate any heel movement when turning.


I recommend these boots for midfielders and strikers, because of the light weight and great stability.

Perfect in hot conditions!


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  1. Ravel,

    These boots look fantastic, and sound even more fantastic!

    I love how their design allows the heat to escape while simultaneously keeping moisture out. Very clever design to do both.

    I also liked the mixture of studs, especially combined with the heel design to minimize movement.

    Sounds like these boots are both very effective for football maneuvers, with terrific safety features built in as well.

    Great find! Thanks!


    • Hi Roger,
      The design is really great indeed! I agree with you, Mixed studs give great stability for quick movements.

  2. At first when this page loaded I asked myself what I am doing here, but then I remembered that I promised my 12 year old son that he can join a junior football club next year, so this got me thinking and to top it all up this actually because quite scary for me because it made me realize that I have to earn an extra income fast before this year comes to an end because I just realized that I will have to buy these football boots for my son and probably every few months for the first few years because these things gets stolen especially amongst kids.

    Ravel, I feel that I should be very mad at you right now for allowing my mind to rush through all these thoughts right now, but on the other hand I am actually very grateful because you woke me up to a reality I was trying to put aside.

    • Hi there,
      I´m glad you found your way to my site.
      Sorry to hear about stealing, I didn´t know that, this was so big problem for some people.
      I recommend you to talk to your son about it, how to keep an eye on his stuff better.
      Also I recommend cheaper boots for kids, because they are crowing so fast and I don´t see any reason to spend big money on these.

      I´m happy to help you with further questions!

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