Nike Mercurial Superfly- Review

Nike Mercurial Superfly is one of the top football boot models on the market. (Nike shoes football boots)

Cristiano Ronaldo has sponsor contract with Nike and together they have done great job with releasing superb boots, Superfly.

Superfly is a real good speedboot.

Mercurial was first unveiled in 1998, the original Mercurial was a radical and unprecedented piece of design that established Nike as the leader in football boot innovation. With the new Mercurial Superfly, Nike has created not just another cutting-edge boot but a leap forward for on-pitch speed.


Nike Mercurial Superfly

Overall Ranking: 9/10
Price: £125-280
Website: Here



These boots look really great. The most notable thing of these, is the NIKE brand sign on the toe. It looks quite big, but it doesn´t disturb the eye. Of course the collar is one of the characteristics.

There are lots of different colors available today and it´s increasing. Latest release is Royal Blue colorway Natural Diamond CR7 boots. This also cost the most at the moment.

Lots of other models are with CR7 sign also. 

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  • There are so many different colorways available, so I´m not going to write them all down. You can discover it yourself by going to the HOMEPAGE.  I´m going to add some pictures about them.

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 I love the most Bright Mango colorway.



  • synthetic
  • NikeSkin
  • ACC technology
  • carbon-fibre plate
  • UPPER: micro-textured Flyknit upper
  • Flywire cables, knitted directly into the one-piece upper




Nike Mercurial Superfly football boots by Nike is designed for

  • firm, dry, natural grass surfaces
  • artificial grass surface
  • soft, wet and muddy natural grass surfaces
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Featuring a radical design that utilises less material between the foot and ball, the Superfly’s micro-textured Flyknit upper delivers an unprecedented barefoot feel to amplify your touch without compromising strength or durability.
Flywire cables, knitted directly into the one-piece upper, lock the eyelet into the outsole providing additional strength and lock down creating strength similar to a suspension bridge.

A special NikeSkin application that adheres to the top of the Flyknit upper prevents water getting in without adding layers while ACC technology provides the same grip on the ball in wet and dry conditions.

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Designed for locked-down comfort at full speed, the Dynamic Fit Collar increases awareness of interaction with the ground and ball for a heightened sensation of the Superfly and as an extension of the foot.

Lower to the ground, the full-length carbon-fibre plate lowers the centre of gravity for enhanced traction and it’s flexible dual layer construction improves power transmission to the ground.

The Superfly traction system features redesigned and reconfigured blades with added studs at the heel for increased stability and at the toe for rotational toe-off traction on firm ground

I recommend these boots for midfielders and strikers, because of the light weight and great stability. This is a superb speedboot.



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  1. Hi Ravel,
    Nike continues to put out arguably the best footwear on the planet. The look that a pros boot should have. Some pretty impressive engineering always goes into the design and construction. Another winner here!


  2. Hey Ravel,
    Great post on the nike soccer shoes, they all look very stunning. Especially the diamond one, is it really made up of real diamonds? That’s so cool man. I personally don’t play soccer outside but I do play FIFA ! 🙂

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