New Puma evospeed SL boots

Puma Evospeed SL football boots

Recently I discovered the new Puma EVOspeed SL leather football boots.
First thing that excited me, was the look. They just look great.
Specially when I saw them worn by Thierry Henry. Great player and I believe what he´s talking about.


These leather boots are with a soft and extremely lightweight ultra-thin leather upper, that hugs your foot.

And please note, that Puma Evospeed Sl are the brand’s lightest leather boot ever!


  1. This really is a good looking site! Slightly confusing on how you get to see the full posts, perhaps there’s something you could tweek i this ultra modern theme!

    I’ve no interest in football, but I now feel I nee to own some of these boots!


    • Hi Andy,

      I´m working on it, to make my site look better and better.
      Little feedback is always good.
      I recommend you to try playing football, it´s a great game.

      Thanks for the comment.
      Take care!

  2. This puma cleats looks real good. I think that many people will like it!
    How much do they cost? Is it a durable cleats? What are the feedback from customers who have purchased it?

    I would love to know more about it.


    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks for the comment.
      The cost is between 60 to 240 dollars, depending on model. Click on the picture in the post and you can get more information about the Puma evoSpeed Sl boots.
      These boots are really great.

      Customer´s feedback is great so far.They do like the soft leather and light weight and I agree with them.

      I hope you got your answer.

      All the best!

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