New Puma evoPower 1.2 Graphic Pop during Cyber Monday deals

Puma evoPower 1.2 Graphic Pop

When I first saw these boots during the cyber Monday football deals, I was thinking like, WOW, BATMAN is back.

First thing that got my attention was POW! It really made my interested in it.71Okvk6b6CL._UX695_

I love the colors and the combination of them.

As like manufacturer says, these boots are inspired by pop art.

So if you REALLY want to look different on the pitch, this is the right choice. There´s nobody else with that kind of boots.


White/Orange Clown Fish/Electric Blue Lemonade
About the boots:
  • Synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • optimize kicking velocity
  • Anatomically engineered outsole
  • GripTex and accuFoam lining provide enhanced ball control
  • Removable insole

Re-engineered by PUMA to liberate your natural shooting power, the evoPOWER 1.2 FG Graphic Pop football boots feature a soft one-way stretchable microfibre AdapLite upper that bends with the foot while maintaining support.

A new GripTex print across the upper enhances control in wet and dry conditions while AccuFoam underneath ensures even pressure distribution, creating a clean kicking surface for increased accuracy.
Providing the perfect amount of stability without constricting the flexibility of the foot or reducing its natural power, the non-stretchable external EverFit Cage is strategically placed in the mid-foot.

Anatomically shaped and removable, a lightweight pre-moulded EVA sockliner includes a layer of premium cushioning foam for optimal pressure distribution and comfort.

Working as a spine, the Gradual Stability Frame is designed by PUMA to allow the lightweight anatomical Pebax outsole to bend in harmony with the foot and the one-way stretchable microfibre upper.

For the perfect balance of stability and manouverability on firm ground, the evoPOWER 1.2 football boots are equipped with a combination of fixed bladed and conical studs.

What manufacturer say About these boots.

Make a real statement of intent on the pitch with the new PUMA evoPOWER 1.2. Inspired by Pop Art, the one-way stretchable AdapLite microfiber uppers include a ‘POW’ on the instep highlighting its clean striking ability, while a ‘BAM’ on the heel represents its all-action performance

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So I´m lookin forward to meet ROBIN as well. 😀


  1. These boots are freaking awesome looking!

    I’m a massive fan of comic books and the artwork style used so these are the coolest football boots I’ve ever seen.

    Thanks for sharing these with us.

    • Hi Hannah,

      I´m a comic books fan myself. Not that much today, but used to read them a lot when I was a kid.
      I´m glad you liked it.


      All the best,

  2. Hey Ravel,
    those Puma boots look awesome. I watch rugby league with an old timer and he hates players wearing fluorescent lime and pink colored boots. If he were to see these boots in a game on tv he would have a fit. However I love the idea of pop art decorating these boots. Maybe in the near future we’ll see boots with surrealism or abstract art adorning them.
    But it’s not only the outer appearance that makes these boots special. They mold to the individuals foot, are built for comfort and are designed to give optimum performance when the football is struck by the player.
    I love these boots and it makes me wonder where the technology of this foot wear is headed. Not doubt you will keep us up to date,

    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for the great comment.
      Adding a pop art visual is really a good choice. Very catchy and innovative.
      These are really great boots and I´m sure all the main manufactures work hard to make better and better football boots to offers quality and support for all football players.
      Let´s see where the technology´s heading.

      Best wishes.

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