My Very Own Football Boots History.

Today I want to show you my own football boots history.

As you all know, I have been playing football more then 18 years now, so there are lots of different models of boots I have worn.

I started playing football when I was 10 years old. Off course, at the beginning I played with sneakers like this–>>2013-07-24-populaire-kids-sneakers-van-dit-jaar

Remember these? 

I played with sneakers, because football boots were not that popular and available at this time.

I have played on the different surfaces turning my career- On the firm ground, soft ground, indoor, and on the artificial grass.

So lets get started. I´ll try to remember them all and also find some pictures to visualize it. There may be few, I could´nt remember.


So the first ones.


Adidas Top Sala II

I loved those boots. Very comfortable with a great touch. Material was soft and quite durable. Grip was also good and I think I played with these boots about 2-3 years, 3 times a week, turning the indoor season. (about 6 month of the year)



Nike Total 90 III

Total 90 were turf ground boots, but for some reason, I played with those indoor. I guess, it sound a good idea to purchase them while choosing new boots. I have to say that the experience was´nt that, I was hoping to be. And I know you get it why.


minu totalissimod

Nike Totalissimo

Not so good boots. I mean, the material was hard and the touch was not so good. They were inflexible. I played with these about 2 years.


Nike Indoor Football Trainers - 5 - Zoom - FS

Nike 5 Zoom T-3

Excellent boots. Superb touch and I really loved those boots. They were comfortable and fulfilled my needs at that time. Would buy them again, if I find them on the net. About 3 years played with these.



Nike 5 Elastico

I use them at the moment. I have these boots already about 3 years. But for example, this season, I have played with them only 1 time few weeks ago. So these days, I don´t play that much indoor football or futsal as I used to.

I surely recommend these boots for indoor use. They are comfortable and touch is also good. Perfect grip and stability.  Shooting is superb.  So I´ll give them 8/10 points.


Firm ground



Puma King? Maybe…

I don´t really remember, where they Puma King or not. They looked like Puma classic looks like, but I´m not able to remember the exact model.(picture is illustrative)

minu tiempo mystic

Nike Tiempo Mystic II

Nike Tiempo at his best. Great boots. I always have liked Tiempo series and they fit with my feet very well. That´s why I have used them more then one model.

10R O Cara FG

Nike 10R O Cara

Very good boots. Leather was so soft and I enjoyed playing with them. I played with them about 3-4 years when they finally broke. Outsole just ripped off from the textile. I tried to fix them, but finally gave up and now I´m looking for new ones.

Nice, good looking boots.

These was more 1 or 2 pair of boots, but I really don´t remember which model were they.

Artificial grass

minu 10R O Cara

Nike 10R O Cara

I loved those boots so much, that I used this model at the same time on firm ground and on artificial grass. They just look so good and after playing few times with these, they were so comfortable with natural touch and just fitted me as I assumed. Never regretted my choice.


Nike Mercurial Victory

Nike Mercurial Victory

I use them currently and I´m satisfied with them so far. They are quite comfortable. Touch and grip are also as I´m looking for. 

read more about Nike Mercurial Victory HERE


So that was my football boots history so far.

Currently I´m looking for new FG boots. I´ll certainly let you know and write about my new boots and give you some little review.


  1. The Ronaldinho 10R O Cara were leather or plastic?

    I was told they were the 3rd tier model and was thinking they were plastic instead of leather.

  2. Quite a big selection over time. At least many of these lasted a couple of years before a new pair was needed. Do you ever go back to the original pairs?

    • Hard to say today.
      Football boots industry develops every day and new boots come on the market quite often.
      So I think it´s changing so fast that I don´t.

  3. Wow! That is a lot of boots for one person to own. You have been playing for a really long time. I didn’t know there were so many differences in each pair. I don’t really know much about football boots, but I do know shoes, and any kind of shoes, I believe, should always be comfortable. When you choose your football boots, what exactly do you look for in them before you buy them?

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