My New Boots- Nike Premier- 1st Episode

Hi ya all.

As I said before, I play amateur football in 5th league in my home country. We have here all 4 seasons of the year and right now it´s winter and it´s not an option to play on the grass right now.

So I have been playing football on the artificial grass for 5 months now.  After 2 months, new football season is about to start and that´s why, I was looking for new firm ground boots.

At first I followed my own tips.

  • I went to a store and tried some boots on.
  • I googled the items.
  • I read reviews.
  • I bought online.

Read more about my tips HERE


I selected between several different boots like- Nike Tiempo 6, Nike Mercurial Superfly, Nike Tiempo, Adidas Copa Mundial, Adidas X15.2, Nike Premier and Nike Magista Obra.

I tried them all on and the best feeling was with Nike Premier. So I went home and ordered them from with a great price.

Nike_Premier_Top Nike_Premier_Profile Nike_Premier_Plate

And last night I got them.

And last night also, I had my first training session with them.

Why I picked precisely these boots?

That´s why- they felt so comfortable. Better then any other boot. Like really! They are made from K leather and the upper is so soft. When I touch some new football boots, I always crumple the upper. I just like to feel it with my hands. It never let me down. Just like this time.

I asked myself one question. With which boots, I would go and play against an opponent, if I have to put on brand new boots?

And that was it. Decision was made.

After practice.

After first practice. My expectations were fulfilled. I love these retro boots.

They were soft and comfortable.

They fitted me great and the touch was super.

Shooting was not as it should be yet, but it need´s some time anyway to get used to these boots.

Old school studs were working quite well. They gave me a good grip and movement.

Photos after training:

IMG_9305 IMG_9307 IMG_9309

The history with these boots goes back to year 1971. Lets see how durable they are today.

I keep you in touch, how these boots endure.





  1. These look like great boots. Can’t wait to see how they hold up! But, I have one question…Are they light on your feet because they look a little bit heavy? Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Marcelo,

      So far all good. But I played with clear weather.
      Lets see how they work on rainy day.
      I´ll keep you in touch and write about it on my next post about these boots.

  2. Hi Ravel,

    Great review, it’s good to hear about your personal experience with the boots.
    I’ve always favoured very lightweight boots, how lightweight would you say these are on your feet?

    • Hi Nate,
      I have to say that it´s not bothering me at all.
      I would be happy if they were 50g lighter but I love them anyway.
      So it not an issue for me at the moment. These boots have much more positive characteristic, so the weight is not an issue.

  3. Hey man, thanks for the review. I’m an amateur too, and I like to play in lighter boots like the Nike Mercurials. I’m assume these more retro boots are a little heavier?

    • The difference is not that big at all. They weight about 244g and Nike Mercurial Vapor X weight is 180g. That´s not that much as you could think.
      For example Adidas Copa Mundial is 323g. There is a difference.

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