Boots For Children

Wondering how to choose football boots for children?


I have been in that situation, when I had to pick football boots for children.  Last year I wanted to make a christmas present for my friend´s son.

So I had countless numbers of issues which had to be answered.

I have been there, and that is why I want to help you, so you can do it much faster.

Starting Out! What you have to know before buying.

Choosing football boots for kids is a big deal. It´s important to know few thing about that, before making the decision.

When it comes to children, we always want them to be safe and protected. It can be guaranteed only with right equipment.

It is important to understand, that if football boots fit well and are suited to the conditions, then it improves the game and helps to avoid injuries.

Age is important.

If your kid is in growing age, it´s smart to pick a slightly larger sized boot, so the foot will be a bit loose in the boot. I recommend 1/2 or 1/3 bigger size , than what fits very well. I believe that´s not good for your wallet to buy new boots after every 3 months, because they do not fit anymore.

While still growing, it is important to choose boots that feel comfortable and supports the growing body.

Here is the tabel about sizes:


A Boy or A Girl?

That is not that important after all. Boys and girls have relatively similar feet while they are growing. So lets go on.

What will be the surface?


It´s important to know where the kid is going to play on. Is it natural grass, artificial grass/turf, indoor or on the street.

For every surface, there are different boots.

Natural grass (FG)- Firm Ground boots have approximately 12 studs to offer stability

Artificial grass (TF)- astroturf boots have smaller rubber studs and have much more of those.

Indoor football boots have flat rubber outsole for indoor football or futsal.

Steet football boots are combined with turf and indoor boots.

Material differences

In this point you can choose between natural leather or synthetic materials.

Natural leather is more comfortable and got breathability. Leather boots will mould themselves to the shape of kid´s feet. Synthetic materials are not that comfortable and kid´s feet might get clammy. Synthetic boots are usually lighter.



In growing age it´s not that important on what position your kid is playing, because they are young and they have time to make the decision in the future.

Price scale

This is an important issue. Usually natural leather boots are more expensive then synthetic, but there is also difference between brand new models and those, which have been on the market already a while.

So it´s better to choose older boots made from natural leather to get good boots with reasonable price.

Also it´s much cheaper to buy online, then from the store, because online stores do not have that much expenses like rent etc. And they give more discount.

How to buy online?

  • Follow the steps above
  • Choose the right item for your kids needs
  • Know the right size.
  • Know the item- read the details
  • Know the seller- use trusted sellers

My suggestions

NIKE Tiempo Genio Leather FG Junior Soccer BootFootball boots for Natural Grass

Adidas Ace 15.3 TF Junior Soccer BootFootball boots for Artificial Grass/Turf

Nike KIDS Jr. Victory V CR IC Indoor Soccer ShoeFootball boots for Indoor use

I hope it helped you a bit.

Please leave a comment below and talk about your experience buying football boots for children.


  1. Great informative article!
    The sizing table for the different brands is really helpful, and pretty important. I used to fit football boots in my work, and there does always seem to be some variation in the brands, not only the size..but also the fit. I think it’s really important to make sure the child is present for the fitting, as comfort and accuracy of the fit is so important for growing feet.
    Love the history of the boots! Nice images 🙂

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