How to choose football boots

How to choose the right football boots

Here is a quick review on how to pick football boots.


Football boots, called cleats or soccer shoes in North America, are an item of footwear worn when playing football. Those designed for grass pitches have studs on the outsole to aid grip. From simple and humble beginnings football boots have come a long way and today find themselves subject to much research, development, sponsorship and marketing at the heart of a multi-national global industry.


Whether you´re a professional or an amateur football player and looking for some new boots, you have to follow some important steps to choose the right equipment for your needs.

It is important to understand that if your boots fit well and are suited to the conditions you play in, then it can improve your game and help you to avoid injuries.


If you are still growing, you should pick a slightly larger sized boot, so the foot will be a bit loose in the boots. I recommend 1/2 or 1/3 of a size bigger than what fits well. It’s not good for your wallet to buy new boots after 3 months, because they do not fit anymore. While still growing, it is important for you to choose boots that feel comfortable and support your growing body.

If your feet do not grow any further, then its no problem and a bit easier you to make a choice.

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First of all, you need to know which surface you are going to play on.  A good boot should give you support, stability, grip and traction, allowing you to perform well on the current surface.

There are different kinds of surfaces and for every surface there´s a different boot:

  • Soft Ground- usually natural grass turning the rainy days. Soft g21CjuVO3LoLround boots have longer, but less number of studs then usually, to ensure the grip on the soft ground.


  • Firm Ground- natural grass surfaces. Firmground boots have not that long studs, but have more on them to offer stability.41W6n27tt3L



  • Hard Ground: very hard natural surfaces. Hard ground football817+9NN5zmS._UX522_ boots are  with low profile rubber studs. With a rubber stud, the hard ground football boots is designed to be extremely durable. The short, circular or bladed studs of hard ground boots offer stability and traction.


  • Astroturf- artificial grass. There boots have small rubber studs716hAGlfU5L._UX575_ on the outsole to improve traction on artificial turf. Astro Turf boots can be used as a backup pair of boots for hard surfaces


  • Indoor- indoor hall. Indoor football boots have flat rubber outsole. 61fn06ZCtOL._UX575_These boots are created for playing indoor football or futsal. Indoor boots have a lower profile fit and look almost like casual trainers.


Material is the most developing and innovative topic in boots technology. Football boots have evolved from using classic natural leather materials to new form synthetic materials to make boots as light as possible.  Manufactures are struggling every day to create new superlight materials for football boots which hugs your natural foot shape. Example new technologies like Nikeskin.

Most common material is natural leather. New materials are usually more expensive, but technology is developing and  these boots are going cheaper for average buyer.

So if you are not looking for certain material and technology, then it only matters which material fits you better and you feel comfortable in.


The right football boots must fit closely.  A bit loose fitting football boots could cause unwanted blisters and mean that you can lose the control over the ball. You could also lose control when you are shooting at the goal, which can become painful if the football boots does not with fit your feet properly.

Some players recommend buying leather football boots half a size smaller than they need because the boots will stretch a little once they’ve been worn for first few games.

Synthetic materials do not stretch as much so your normal shoe size should be right for you.

Notice that,  you may find your regular shoe size does not exactly match your football boot size.  Also remember that your football boots must accommodate your football socks.

It is confident to stick with the same size boots that you are comfortable and buy the same size from the same brand that you already wear. Notice that boots sizes can vary considerably by manufacturer.

Price scale

As with most products, the benefit of spending a little more is often felt when the product in question is worn. Football boots are no different, however the increase in price is not always proportional to the increase in quality and value for money.

All in all, don’t throw your money at a pair of boots that look great but feel awful and conflict with your strengths as a player. If you play on different surfaces then buy different types of boots for a cheaper price rather than spending all your money on boots you think will suit all purposes.

You can find some amazingly low prices here.



While choosing right boots, it is very important what position you play in.

Lightweight boots are usually designed for forwards and wingers as they are built for a combination of speed, acceleration and control. Manufacturers like Nike, Puma and Adidas  produce lightweight boots for professional players.  These boots suites for strikers as well.

Lightweight boots are not really suitable for defenders, who tend to demand more of the comfort and protective padding. Goalkeepers and defenders suggest a bit more strong boot to achieve good stability. This should minimize the risk of injury during tackling. Football boots for goalkeepers and defenders should ensure firm grip to minimize slipping.

Midfielders usually prefer football boots that match their more versatile style of play. The more versatile your playing style is, the more you will want good, all-round football boots. Midfielders require a wide range of skills other than fitness, since they need to tackle, dribble, shoot and pass during any match. In essence, a good central midfielder must be combative as well as creative. They occupy the most influential part of the pitch, so central midfielders are perhaps the most likely to influence the outcome of a match.

Most brands produce a range of football boots to suit every playing position. That makes choosing the right boots easier to amateur players.

Some brands are better than others at producing each specialist type of football boot. Most brands produce new styles every season so the best boot for each style of play changes frequently. However no matter which brand of football boot you choose, your time on the pitch will not be any less enjoyable.


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  1. Hi This is my first time here on your website , You have provided some really good content on Football boot / I never knew it was so much to learn about find the perfect pair of shoes..I really appreciated you information.

  2. Hi Ravel!

    Thanks for the good information! I never knew that midfielder and forward boots were different, although I guess it makes sense. What would you suggest for a child just starting out? Maybe the midfielder if they’re not a keeper? There weren’t so many choices when my sons were just starting out, only for the different surfaces, not positions. I guess technology is getting better and better all the time.


    • You are welcome Nancy,
      I have to say that manufacturers do not name separately midfielders or strikers boots. But if you´re going to analyze different boots and it´s properties, then there are differences. Some boots are more suitable for strikers and other more for defense players.
      So, for starting player it´s not that important are they strikers or midfielders boots. It´s more important to choose universal boots which suites for all players. Starting player has not decided which position to play anyway. So I recommend to pick Nike Tiempo collection. They certainly fulfill the young players needs.

      Good luck and hope I helped you out.

  3. Hi Ravel,

    Thanks for this article! I haven’t played that much football in my life but I remember i used to LOVE buying my boots. I wish I’d know a little more and know now that if ever need to I can find boots that’ll suit me a little better.

    Thanks again for putting all this out there!

    All the best

    Katia 🙂

  4. I see where I’m going wrong, I’m not wearing the Lionel Messi boots! Great info for the different types of surfaces, cheers.

    • That is right 😀
      There you did the wrong decision! Honestly, these are good boots and I definitely recommend these.

  5. Some great and useful information I found here. Thanks a bunch. I would say to get the good plays you need to have your feet in the right place to score big. Thanks again for the awesome insight and I believe to be some very helpful information to know.
    Cheers, Chris

  6. The firs time I went to get shoe for my socceer player child, I was overwhelmed by the questions the store representative asked. I had no idea that there was so much that went into properly buying a shoe for someone in sports.

    My advice would be sure to take them with you.

    • Thanks Debra!
      Its always good to hear that my site and information helped somebody out.
      You are welcome to visit my site again and if you have further questions, I´m glad to help you any time.
      Take care!

  7. Hello thank you for sharing your post is good and informative I like how you broke down the different types.

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