Yesterday FIFA announced the final 3 nominees for the FIFA Ballon d’Or Award 2015.

Drums please……



ONE Trophy, 3 MEN.

Who´s going home with the trophy this years?

Ronaldo should be the main choice, according to the rumors. He has not played the best season this year, but he´s nevertheless in the final.

Messi has not been in the best shape and he´s been injured recently and that is going to work against him.

Neymar has offered the best season so far and that´s why he is nominated.

Ronaldo, not being in the best shape, is still better then Neymar on the best season.

So, in my opinion, this years trophy will be given to Ronaldo.

If Messi performs better next year without injuries, he will take the next one home.

What to you think about who will be the best footballer of the year 2015?

Leave a comment below what do you think?

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