Do not use Firm Ground boots on Artificial Grass surface!

It is very important to use right boots for certain surface.


You need to know which surface you are going to play on.  A good boot should give you support, stability, grip and traction, allowing you to perform well on the current surface.

Using wrong boots, may cause you injuries and damage your feet. It´s also uncomfortable to play.


On the firm ground- use firm ground (FG) football boots.

On the artificial grass- use artificial (AG) boots or astro turf football boots.

On the soft ground- use soft ground (SG) boots.

Indoor- use indoor (ID) boots.

On the street- use street boots.

Other options:

It´s not always wrong to combine between boots and surfaces. There are several boots on the market, which allows you to use same boot on AG and on FG. The sole plate of these boots are combined with AG and FG studs.

But keep in mind, that it is only good to use these boots on the wet AG surface, when its slippy and its raining or snowing. Or on the firm ground, when it´s with short grass and it´s dry weather. Otherwise use only FG boots for firm ground and AG boots for artificial grass.

For example Adidas offers these boots for both FG and AG surfaces at the same time with combined sole plate:

X15- for AG /FG




Do not do!

Do not use soft ground boots on artificial grass! Never!

Indoor use only indoor boots or in some cases, street footwear is also allowed.

To sum it up.

For every surface there are different boots.

Make it smart and use the right ones. Do not hurt yourself and have fun on the field.


Check out ADIDAS X15 collection

Read more about “how to choose football boots“.






    • If you have good boots its no problem. If you have old boots with worn-out studs. Then its a problem allready.

  1. But in case there s something we ve missed or you have experience with a boot that has performed well or not so well on AG, drop them in the comments!

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