1# Boots of the month- Nike Mercurial Victory V

Hi there.

Today I´m going to start with a brand new series on posts. “Boots of the month”.

Every month I´m going to select different boots, witch I write about bit more thorough. These boots are not going to be chosen by any luck. There´s gonna be a certain reason why I pick precise boots.

My very first post about “boots of the month” is going to be about my current boots which I use- Nike Mercurial Victory V.  That´s why they are honored to be selected in the first post.

Why these boots?

Why I picked these boots from the store in the first place, was because of the visual. I just liked it. Not too fancy, not too humble. Just the way I like.  On the picture below, there is the precise model I use. Off course there is an incredibly large selection of different colors you can choose between.


Nike Mercurial Victory V

 My experience!

I currently use these boots with an artificial grass sole. My younger brother uses those with a firm-ground sole. I tried his 3 days ago and I have to say that I was satisfied.

My experience so far with these boots is absolutely wonderful. I have worn these almost 2 months for now and I´m surprised. I haven’t had  any problems so far. After 2 week use, they were already great. Very comfortable and fit with my feet. I recommend Nike Victory boots for wingers and strikers. For those positions Victory boots are the best.


Nike offers Victory for  indoor use as well. The only one which they do not offer is sole for soft-ground. To get those, you need to look at the mercurial superfly models.


Nike Mercurial Victory is made from soft, supple synthetic leather to get stability, ideal fit and better ball control. Contoured sockliner mirrors the foot shape for premium support and low-profile cushioning. These boots are made for fast-paced play.


As you can see here. The price scale of these boots is broad and I´m sure everyone can find suitable price range.


…To sum it up. I have to say Nike Mercurial Victory V boots are very comfortable and durable and and I wholeheartedly recommend these boots for you.


Here are some pictures for more information.

You can get more information, if needed, HERE.

Let me know what do you think about these boots! Just drop me a comment below…




  1. Great start to a really cool website. I never heard of Football Boots until I came to this site. Thank you!

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