Adidas ACE16+ Purecontrol. Now available!

Adidas ACE16+ Purecontrol


In 2015 adidas stunned the soccer world by revealing that laceless cleats would be hitting the field in 2016 and today, the brand formally unveiled ACE 16+ PURECONTROL.

Global stars such as Mesut Ozil and Ivan Rakitic will debut ACE 16+ PURECONTROL on field starting January 23rd and a limited number of pairs launch today in the US via and

Ozil, who was crucial to the product’s development, said: “My whole career I have tried to minimize the impact of laces on my strike and ball control. I revealed to adidas in 2014 that in the changing room I knot the laces over and over again and then tuck in the ends, that way they do not interfere with my touch. When they came to me last year with the laceless boots, it was like they have created my dream product. I cannot wait to wear them on the pitch”.

The laces on the ACE 16+ PURECONTROL have been replaced with three key points of stability to lock the foot into the boot. A TPU cage locks over the iconic three stripes to secure the mid foot, and is further anchored by a knitted upper and an internal knitted TECHFIT locking system. The upper is an evolution of adidas’ Primeknit technology, combining tight and loose premium knits across the boot for optimum fit.


The result is a glove like fit, and the cleanest possible strike using a larger surface area to generate more power and accuracy.

“The ACE 16+ PURECONTROL is already set to become one of our most iconic releases ever,” said adidas Soccer Vice President of design Sam Hand. “We’ve taken away something that has been present in every pair of football boots adidas has released – the laces. The result is a really pure silhouette and a beautiful shape. That shape not only makes it visually stunning, but most importantly gives our players an unparalleled feeling of control”.

The ACE 16+ PURECONTROL has been rigorously tested at every level, from grassroots leagues in Sweden to cutting edge robotics in the adidas laboratory.

The cleat also features an enlarged heel pocket and a redeveloped sole plate designed to reduce the weight of the boot.

“We worked with some of the best designers in the business to produce a boot that is innovative and game-changing,” continued Hand. “Laceless is the future of football and a hallmark of adidas as a brand – leaders in innovation and design. Most importantly, it will allow our players to control the game better than ever before”.

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  1. I believe that this is the future in terms of sport. Makes totally sense having laceless shoes. I’ll probably be getting one in the near future.

  2. I am not really a huge fan of football. But I like how their shoes are designed. I tried one before and the feeling was far from my expectations. I thought it was very uncomfortable because of the spikes at the bottom. But I was wrong! Very good info here. Thanks for Sharing!

  3. Hi there Ravel..
    That is one good looking boots.
    Surely made for a winner.
    Even the pros see some issues with boots laces. They need to be in an optimum performance while on the field.
    Where can i get them boots?
    Thanks Ravel.

  4. G’day Ravel

    Great website. It’s engaging, user-friendly and you’ve chosen a good theme.

    All the info anyone will ever need about football boots, you’ve sure chosen a good niche! I’m a runner and so I’m eventually hoping to build a sports-based website that promotes running shoes. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Cheers mate,

  5. I totally agre with them, laceless IS the future. This boot is gorgeous, and really look like it would feel like a glove on your feet. I think at the moment for ball control and precision this is one of the best options available on the amrket.
    Thumbs up for a nice article.

    • Yees, they really look good. Cant wait to try them on.
      These should guarantee excellent touch. So lets see.
      Glad you liked my post.

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