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My name is Ravel and I´m from Estonia. Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe that faces the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland. If you never heard of this place, then visit Wikipedia and you will be surprised.

I created this website to give you some good football boots reviews and help you to find which boots are the best for you.

I have played football almost 20 years and tried different kinds of boots myself. Every time I´m struggling choosing the right boots. Also lots of my friends have taught me a lot while choosing the right ones. So I want to give you my experience by this site and my blog posts.

Boots are the most needed equipment in football, otherwise you don´t have those skills, so you don´t want to make mistake here.
It´s very important to choose comfortable and fit boots. With that, I´m going to help you.

So take a look at my website!
If you have questions, just ask!

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